Sunday, June 27, 2010

My May Cards

I made this card for my mom for Mother's Day. Her favorite color is blue, too. The background paper is a print of a piece of fabric I scanned into my computer, then printed out. A paper print of fabric is easier to work with than the fabric itself and if you look closely, the individual threads are still visible so it looks like fabric, too. I used a corner punch on the corners, then added a small brad in one of the holes of the punched design. The floral image is stamped, heat embossed and colored with Bic markers, then cut out and adhered on top of part of a silver doily atop the background paper. The sentiment is stamped and heat embossed with Seafoam White embossing powder. I really liked how that turned out so I'm sure I'll do that again.

Here's another Thank You card, along the lines of the three that I made back in January. For my Curriculum & Instruction class I was assigned to work with Mrs. Wendi King in her 1st grade classroom. The children were so sweet and it was REALLY hard to say goodbye. Wendi is such a good teacher and I learned a thing or two watching her & helping in her class. The background paper for this card comes from a DCWV stack pack (probably my favorite papers and easily obtainable at JoAnn's). The apple comes from a DCWV cardstock pack and has glitter accents. The blossoms and hat pieces were cut from another piece of DCWV paper. I made the yellow shaped "diecut" myself. I don't own a diecutting machine; I make a paper template, trace it, and cut my own "diecuts" by hand. The blue scalloped circle is punched, then hand lettered. All the stitching is hand faux stitched. The blue hand cutout is a bulletin board shape purchased at Dollar Tree. The finishing touches were the star brads and the wooden bead circles.

My one and only son, Isaac, my youngest child, had his 24th birthday in May. This is the birthday card I made for him. It is a Z-fold. The lined background paper is the front of the card, then it folds back inside, and the back of the card had the polka-dotted paper on it. The sentiment is printed on a piece of paper shaped just like the matt under the image on the front, then adhered to the back of the card so it is right under the front image matt. The image on the front comes from a piece of giftwrap that is in my old suitcase stash. The giftwrap had all of these old tavern signs printed on it; they work really well on masculine cards. Brads added an extra touch.

My oldest daughter's husband, Brent, celebrated his birthday in May also. I wanted to try using little flags in a swag. I'd seen a card made with these on someone's blog and loved the effect. That person stamped the flags, then cut them out. I made a little template first, cut out the flags, then stamped each with the letters in Brent's name, using a little alphabet set I have. The flags were punched with my small hand punch, then strung on a piece of colored hemp, purchased at WalMart and intended for beading. I bought a bunch in different colors when it was on clearance. I'm glad I did because WalMart doesn't carry it in the stores by us any more and I like the stuff for cards. The sentiment is yet another example of the Two You acrylic set from Stampendous, heat embossed, colored with Bic markers, mounted on a circle of white cardstock, and jazzed up with a bit of ribbon. The background paper is a piece from a DCWV stack pack, matted on matching plain cardstocks. I liked how this card turned out! The little flags are definitely going to show up on another card in the future!

That is all of my May cards. It's going to take a couple of posts to get all of my June cards posted; I've been working on cards when it rains, which has been often this month, or when I haven't felt like working outside even if the sun was shining. So til my next post, happy cardmaking! Take care and may the grace of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah be with you!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

April's Cards

This card was made for our granddaughter McKayden's 5th birthday in April. I used a couple pieces of cardstock--one a print with glitter accents (the diamonds--from DCWV), the other a piece of textured cardstock. I cut the piece with the little princesses from a piece of scrapbooking paper. The edges were inked and the stamped sentiment was heat embossed.

My youngest daughter was married in February and this card went to her husband. I had missed his You're Special day--too much schoolwork & other things and I just plain forgot!--so when she & I were talking about it, she told me how his mom had said to tell me that a small bag of $20's would make it right. I couldn't resist making this card with that "small bag of $20's" inside of it. The next pic is of the inside of this card...

The small bag is an actual small plastic bag that I got when I still had a job. I have about a 1000 of them, I think, as the company I worked for was throwing them away, brand new, never been used, because they weren't the right size. I HATE waste like that so I ended up with a bunch of them. The $20's are photocopies on green copy paper of a child's play $20 bill. My daughter said my son-in-law got a good laugh out of it. That was the whole point, after all.

This is the wedding card I made for that same daughter and her new husband. As you can tell, since I said they were married in February, I was rather late with this one, too. Orange is my daughter's color and I had purchased the 2 big buttons (came in a set of 3 buttons) specifically for her wedding card, then picked papers and other embellishments to complement the two big buttons that I used.

Again with the orange: this card was for my youngest daughter's You're Special day. I stamped the image, heat embossed it, and colored it in with Bic markers. I added faux stitching, done by hand, and flower brads on the stamped image. The papers are from a DCWV stack pack.

By the time I made this card, I was starting to get caught up on the family birthdays and You're Special days. This pretty in purple birthday card was for my daughter-in-law Amber. I used a paint chip card for the background, cutting the edge with scalloped scissors and adding a white border-punched edging. The two potted hyacinth images are cut from a facial tissue box. They were too pretty to throw away! The sentiment is stamped and heat embossed.

My daughter Megan loves yellow roses so for her You're Special day I cut a picture of yellow roses out of an old rose catalog--save those flower catalogs!--and made the card around that image. The stylized flowers are cut from a sheet of printed, glittery DCWV cardstock. The yellow dotted background is cardstock also and again, I inked the edges. That's an effect I am liking a lot! The sentiment is stamped and (I think) heat embossed. It's hard to remember after the fact and I don't make notes on my pics.

One of the neighbors had a daughter graduating from high school this year. This card is for her. The two small stamps are from those dollar stamps you can get at JoAnn's or Michaels. The sentiment is another dollar stamp. All are heat-embossed. I really liked the way this card turned out! But then, blue is my favorite color. The papers are from a DCWV stack pack.

My daughter Holly's birthday was in April and this card was for her. She also loves the color blue. As you can see, I used more of the same paper prints I used on the graduation card above. I seldom cut into a new piece of paper until after I've looked through all of my scraps to see if I can make use of them first.

Our youngest grandchild, little Alan, turned a year old in March. I don't get to see him--a situation with my son which I won't go into--but I still made him a card, albeit a month late. Some day I hope that my son will let me deliver the cards I make for him, his wife, and their son. Again, the cardstocks are a piece from a DCWV stack pack. I added hand faux stitching. The sentiment is stamped, heat embossed, and colored with those Bic markers. The sentiment is from the Two You set by Stampendous. It's one of my favorite sets; you'll see it show up lots on my cards. The little number 1 square at the top right is from a 12x12" sheet of scrapbook paper.

When my youngest daughter married in February, we not only gained a son-in-law, we gained two more grandsons. We have 13 grandchildren now--5 girls and 8 boys. This card was for our grandson Ryan who celebrated his 12th birthday. I used the same DCWV cardstock on this card as I used on the previous card. This stamped sentiment is another image from that Stampendous Two You set, heat embossed and colored with the Bic markers. The letters spelling out Ryan's name are cut from another sheet of 12x12" scrapbooking paper.

Our "new" grandson, Larry Jr, received this card for his You're Special day. His favorite color is purple. I couldn't resist using the little hermit crab, another dollar stamp purchased at JoAnn's. The crab and the sentiment are heat embossed and the crab is colored with Bic markers. The background paper is a digital print that I made from a teabag tile. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of which website I found the teabag tile on.
That's all the cards from April. I only have May and June to go and then I will be all caught up! Hurrah! I should be back tomorrow with more. Til then, happy cardmaking! Take care and may the grace of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah be with you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cards from Jan-Feb-March 2010

This card was made for my sweet granddaughter Samantha who turned 8 years old in January. The background paper is a scan of a piece of fabric, then printed out onto paper. When I print out digital papers I use 24# paper, as it is heavier and gives a better result than regular 20# copy paper. It does cost a little more, but the extra price is worth it. The card also features a circle cut from embossed & glittery cardstock, punched butterflies with gel pen accents & their wings bent upwards, and a flower brad.

This card was made for my son-in-law Levi's birthday in January. As you can see, my printer was acting up when I printed out the balloon image and the "crimped" paper, but I thought the lines in the balloon image actually added to the effect so I used it anyway. I also liked the color variation in the "crimped" paper. The circle paper (sorry, I don't have the maker of the paper handy) mimics the hot-air balloons. The background paper is a digital print, I think from, which I border punched. The sentiment is hand-written.

I made this card for my sister Annette's birthday in February. The image is a Thomas Kinkade print recycled from a page-a-day calendar. Those little page-a-day calendars are a wonderful source of images to use on cards--and a very frugal re-use! The other papers are digital prints from (the "crimped" designs & the circles). The floral print is a purchased scrapbook paper whose maker I don't have handy. I added a bit of ribbon to accent the card and printed the sentiment by hand.

This card was made for my sweetheart's Aunt Grace. I used scraps of two different purchased patterned papers and inked the edges. I stamped the sentiment, twice actually unintentionally, then heat-embossed it. I punched the corners of the plaid paper, added a bit of trim, and flower & butterfly brads.

It's getting late and I need to head to bed so I'll have to post the rest of the cards I've made since April a bit later. Til then, happy cardmaking! Take care and may the grace of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah be with you!

I'm Still Alive!

Hello again! In case you've checked my blog and noticed that it hadn't been updated since January, there's a good reason for that. As a fulltime college student, this past semester kept me pretty busy. I had 5 classes: Physics 100, Intro to Cult Anthropology, Math for Elem Teachers 2, American Lit since 1945, and a Curriculum & Instruction class. I had a ton of reading and Physics in particular was a real challenge! It was a rather stressful semester and I didn't have time for much else besides trying to keep up with my schoolwork. I finished the semester with 3 A's and 2 B's so I didn't do too bad. I was so thankful to see that B in Physics! I also was admitted to the Special Education program so am on track for my major in learning disabilities. I also was accepted in the Sigma Gamma Zetta II honor society, for nontraditional students who have at least a 3.50 GPA. My current cumulative GPA is 3.71. The semester was officially over on May 21st.

The following week I was gone on a cultural immersion trip to the Lac Court Orielles Indian Reservation (Ojibwe People) in northern Wisconsin. The trip was sponsored and paid for by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where I am a student. We left Monday morning and returned Friday afternoon. The UW system is very big on cultural diversity and this trip was part of that commitment. They put us up (all 8 of us students, plus 4 staff/faculty advisors) at a really nice hotel. Each day we drove out to the reservation where we toured their various educational facilities, met with native teachers, participated in different cultural activities on the reservation, and helped out at the Headstart program 2 of the mornings. It was all very interesting and well worth the time away from home. I especially loved the morning we spent with a tribal elder named Dennis White who shared with us his beadwork and fingerweaving. I was totally inspired to learn to do both. I've already started a beadwork project. This is the bead applique or embroidery work where you fill in the design on fabric with seed beads. I haven't started the fingerweaving yet, but I have collected some instructions and resources for learning the craft. So now I have two more things I want to do to add to my list of projects to spend time on--when I have the time! Ha! Ha!

Here's a picture of the front of Dennis White's vest:

It's beaded on black velveteen. The back is also beaded. He said it took him a total of 3 years to complete the beadwork on this vest. He wears it to special functions and powwows. It is heavy, too, as I picked it up and was surprised at how much it weighed. You wouldn't think that little seed beads could weigh so much. The project I have started on is a small bag, with a square design of 3 flowers on top of a quilt block. I hope it doesn't take me 3 years to finish it!

Anyway, this month I have been trying to get work done outside in our garden and flowerbeds. It's been a slow process. My stick-to-it-iveness isn't all that it ought to be; the body complains something fierce about the unusual activity I am putting my muscles to and I have to take breaks because the exercise & heat get me sweating so I need to rehydrate. June has been a rather wet month, too, which has made it difficult to work outdoors. There are always those little obstacles like appointments and needing to go to town, etc, that come up as well to keep me from accomplishing the weeding and planting that I am STILL laboring away at. I do have 5 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants, a short row of peas, swiss chard, basil, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, and 4 ft of pole beans planted in the veggie department so far. The flowers are doing better but I still have a lot of transplants & seeds to get planted. Next week looks to be dry, at least at the beginning of the week, so I expect I'll be busy outdoors most of the time.

With the rainy days, I have managed to get some cards made and in my next post, I'll post what I've done since the last cards I posted. Til then, take care and may the grace of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah be with you!