Friday, May 8, 2009

Four More Mother's Day Cards

This lovely pink & purple card is heading to my second daughter, Lois, who's the mother of 4 of my precious grandchildren: Kyler (9), Alana (7), Easton (5), and Kaylina (3). She's a wonderful mother, as well as a daycare provider. Like my eldest daughter, Lois has been caring for children most of her life.

To make this card, I used World Win's Color Mates Medium & Dark Perfect Plum cardstocks, the medium for the card base and the dark for the smaller rectangles. Layered on top of the dark plum rectangles are two layers of pinks. The solid pink on the bottom is from the digital papers at The top patterned layer is made from a background tile. The rectangles are topped by a pink Wilton doily and finally by another of those floral prints from Germany.

This card is on its way to my third daughter Holly, mom to Samuel (5) and Rose (2). Holly has a big heart and would "mother" every needy person she comes across. She & her husband, Levi, have been working their way through the state's foster parent/adoption approval process.

To make Holly's card, I started with a medium blue cardstock base, then layered a darker blue on top of that. The medium blue came in one of those $5 multi-packs at JoAnn Fabric & Crafts or Michaels; the darker blue is from an 8" x 8" multi-pack from WalMart. That pretty blue plaid paper is another of's digital designs; I love this print! The center strip uses both of the blue cardstocks again and a strip of "corrugated" digital paper from The strip is edged with white cardstock that's been punched with my favorite Martha Stewart border punch. The focal point is, again, a floral cut-out from Germany. The last touch is two pink heart brads.

Now this lovely card is going to my fourth daughter, Megan, mother to Derick (8) and Samantha (7). Megan works really hard to provide for her children and just got to buy her first home. She's a good mom and has not had a lot of help from the father of her children.

To make Megan's card, I started with World Win's Color Mates Medium Meri-Gold cardstock, rounding the one corner. The dark green layer is World Win's Color Mates Deep Spring Green. The patterned paper is another design I made using a background tile. The torn layer is a wallpaper sample. The two yellow ovals are World Win's Color Mates Medium and Light Meri-Gold. Again, I used a floral cut-out from Germany. To finish, I added a bow from a piece of ribbon I picked up in an embellishment set from Dollar Tree and a gold heart brad.

This pretty card is for my fifth and youngest daughter, Thea. She's not technically a mother, but is engaged to a man who has two young sons, Ryan (10) and Larry Jr (8). She's determined to be a good stepmom.

To make this card, I started with World Win's Color Mates Light Mostly Mauve as my card base, topped with Dark Mostly Mauve. I rounded the corners of the base card, then punched the lower edge of the next layer with the same Martha Stewart border punch I used on Holly's card. The floral print layer is a wallpaper sample. The green oval is another wallpaper sample, the same one I used on Megan's card. I cut a pink Wilton doily to add the trim behind the green oval. This time I used a butterfly with roses cut-out, another of those pretty cut-outs printed in Germany, that I picked up at the Mennonite bulk food store. I added a gold heart brad and two pink flower brads to complete Thea's card.

Thea happened to stop at our home today so I gave her card to her then. She was very surprised to get a Mother's Day card; she said it was the first one she'd ever gotten. Well, she's only 24 so she still has time. The others went out in today's mail, as I made it to our post office a minute before closing time. Thankfully, I live in a very small community so the post master isn't as particular about locking the door exactly at the stroke of the clock.

I have one more card to share, the one I made for my mom. And I still have one more card to make for my daughter-in-law. I'll share those is separate posts.

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