Friday, May 22, 2009

Shopping Trip Yesterday--I Could Be In Trouble!

My sweetheart and I went to Eau Claire shopping yesterday, about 55 miles away, the largest shopping center near us. I had some $$$ burning a hole in my pocket so we made the rounds of our usual haunts: Big Lots, Dollar Tree, WalMart, along with Menards (gotta have my carpet tape!). My sweetheart also patiently allowed me to check out the 50/50 Factory Outlet store--got a couple pretty giftwrap papers there, as well as confetti (want to make a shaker card one of these days), some silver doilies, stickers, and some silk flower leis. While there, I overheard someone mention a new scrapbooking store not too far away, and since it was located near the Kia dealership which my sweetheart wanted to check out, he agreed to drop me off while he went to look at cars. The store is called Picture This and is located off of Hwy 93 south of Eau Claire, in case you're ever in the area. They sure have the stuff! I picked up some acrylic stamps, 3 punches, some sheets of the World Win ColorMates cardstock that I like so much (was glad to find a 2nd outlet for it within driving distance!), a Distressed Ink pad, and a sheet of cool 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper. We also checked out another new scrapbooking store in Eau Claire, Down Memory Lane, again full of all sorts of wonderful stamps, papers, etc! It would've taken me HOURS to properly look at everything available in both stores! I picked up some ribbons, a wood-mounted Hanukkah stamp, a sheet of scrapbook paper and some chipboard embellishments that were on clearance, as well as some acrylic stamps and 2 other sheets of scrapbooking paper that weren't on sale. Then my sweetheart let me spend about 45 minutes in Michaels where I picked up a bunch of ribbon, cardstock, brads, a bunch of acrylic stamps-mostly the $1 stamps, and 2 Martha Stewart punches (all MS was 25% off).

I spent more than I probably should have, mostly on stuff that cost $2 or less though, so it looked like I spent more than I had. My sweetheart did have to ask if I didn't think I already had a great plenty of supplies at home and did I really need MORE? He's right, you know. I really don't NEED any more supplies, except when I run out of cardstock, but there's always something that catches the eye that I don't already have that would be SO nice to add to my stash of supplies.

And that's why I could be in big trouble this fall. I am going to be attending the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire starting in September, working towards an elementary education teaching degree with a focus on learning disabilities. The university is just minutes away from all these wonderful stores! How will I ever resist the temptation! There's Michaels, Joanns, these two new scrapbooking stores, Hancock Fabrics, WalMart, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, the 50/50 store, and more! Maybe the fact that we will be living on a very tight budget will help me resist the temptations; I can only hope so and strive to keep my mind on the scriptures that counsel against covetousness and being content with what we have. I think I'd better get those verses out NOW and commit them to memory so that I'm prepared--and to help me right now. Temptation can come at any time from many places, after all.

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