Thursday, May 7, 2009

Third Mother's Day Card

This Mother's Day card is for my eldest daughter, Venetta, a lovely 32 yr old who is not a mother, but who has been taking care of children almost all of her life. I used to leave her younger siblings in her charge. Then when she grew up, she began babysitting other people's children, going on to doing daycare in her home, and lately being nanny to two little boys that she lost her heart to. Things have changed in the boys' family and Venetta is no longer caring for the boys, a loss that she is grieving. She may not have a child of her own, but she has a mother's heart.
To make this card, I started with a white cardstock base. I covered the whole front of the card with a dark green cardstock (World Win's Color Mates Deep Glorious Green). I used the same piece to make the shaped layer. The multi-colored striped layer is another printed digital paper from the good folks at Then we have a dark green print that I made from a background tile and printed it out; I apologize for not remembering which website I got the background tile from. Do a search for "free background tiles" and you'll get a whole ton of sites with some wonderful tiles to choose from; the same goes for "free teabag tiles", which also can be made into lovely papers to print out. The red floral print is a scanned & printed fabric. I used a textured yellow cardstock from a 12" x 12" Colorbok pad purchased at WalMart to make the bottom shaped layer; actually I used a scrap from my scrap stash. I keep all my scraps, as long as they're at least big enough to use with the little punches I have. Sort them by color into large zippered storage bags (like gallon size Ziploc bags) and store; they come in mighty handy when you only need a small piece for a card design. I've already mentioned the dark green shaped layer. The cream-colored oval was cut from a scrap of cardstock. The scalloped light green is actually a digital mulberry paper from, which I cut with edge-shaped scissors. The floral print which is the card focal point is, again, a cut-out from a sheet of such designs printed in Germany and purchased at our local Mennonite bulk food store. I also added two gold heart brads and two gold square brads set on point.
There you have it and now I am going to get busy on those other cards.