Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birthday Card for Friend Kim

This bright and cheerful card went to a dear sister in the LORD, Kim, for her birthday. I hope she liked it. I know it made me feel good when I looked at it.

I started with a basically white cardstock. I got it on clearance at the Office Depot store in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, when they were supposed to be closing that store. Since then, they've changed their minds about closing the store entirely and have it open as an outlet store. This cardstock has little flecks of colors in it, which I love. I haven't seen it anywhere else, though, and have used most of it up, as I used it for the digital Passover cards I made this year.

Anyway, on top of the white, I adhered a piece of this great blue patterned cardstock. This came in one of those co-ordinated cardstock packs for scrapbooking. I think I bought the pack at Big Lots for $7; it's a big pack and will take me awhile to use up the cardstock that came in it. I have 4 different patterned packs like this. Then there's another strip of that striped scrapbooking paper that I used on the hinged cards. Under the edges I added border punched white cardstock; I used a Fiskars border punch for this border. The focal design consists of a bright pink circle of cardstock, topped by another circle of orange patterned cardstock (from the same pack as the blue) which I cut into "petal" edges, with a pretty circular sticker from a K & Company embellishment pack in the very center.

And there you have it....

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